Monday, October 22, 2007

For Brown free means the English are paying

Today I've seen that the trial for providing free school meals in at some schools has been started up here in Scotland.

Also yesterday the media contained the news that the SNP are planning on giving out free drugs just around the time of the next Scottish devolved elections. (Perscription drugs that is - they have even factored in the fact that demand will rocket).

Of course in both cases *Free* means free to Scottish tax payers , free as in the English will pay !

This is part of Salmond's plan to out maneovre Labour to the left. Its assumed Brown can't respond except to give in as he has already done with quiet surrender and weakness as with the returning the unspent GBP 1.5 Billion to the Scottish Exec - and only cutting the English NHS budget by GBP 2 Billion and not,as Barnett required the equivalent cut in his home county's budget.

In the mean time Labour is planning on competing in the Socialist dutch auction by voting to remove the right to buy council houses.

The SNP is also planning on whipping up trouble over Trident. The Herald is full of gleeful plans for Scotland to attend NNPT meetings and made health and safety trouble over Trident's Faslane base.

It may be said that Brown has given no indication of his 'vision' for the UK. There is even less evidence of it for his Northern Britain !

*typed by PDA *

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Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown has some serious questions to answer about this, but the Conservatives aren't pushing him on the issue because they haven't decided what they think either!