Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Charge for out of town parking

The quality of life review by Zac Goldsmith and John Gummer is rumoured to be suggesting that council are given the powers to force supermarkets to charge for parking cars - to protect the high street.

This is another of those spectacular vote losers that achieve the following:

  1. They point out how disastrously out of touch the people conducting the review are with ordinary people and their lives.
  2. Its not Conservative, and therefore looks inconsistent. The supermarkets already pay for the parking - and their customers pay via their process. This issue doesn't make economic sense. Companies should have the freedom to process how they like and I'll have the choice of whether to buy from them or not.
  3. It emphasises just how out of touch some of these rich green 'campaigners' really are. Whether its Zac Goldsmith or that open marriage Swedish bloke who used to be a supporter of the Conservative party - but now thinks the road to socialism is a better bet with Gordon Brown.
  4. Every time anyone paid such a trumped up charge they would curse the party that brought it into being - think fuel tax revolt.
Zac Goldsmith should give away all of his money and try making some himself in this world on the same terms that the rest of us struggle with. Maybe then he could lecture, he might also learn something about the public he claims to want to serve.

Update: Conservative home has a bit on the reaction to all this from traditional Conservative supporting areas. Think Grammar schools and out of touch here - Eton and privilege are the common thread. Now we'll see if David Cameron has learnt much from before summer.

Further update: The good news is David Cameron does get it - quote from Conservative home below - see the rest here and via the Daily Telegraph online interview with DC.

David Cameron moves fast to kill charges-for-supermarket-parking row

Interviewed earlier by Telegraph readers, David Cameron has appeared to rule out charges for supermarket parking. He said:

"I understand as a parent of three children that when you are going to the shops, you are trying to manage everything, car parking charges may not be the most helpful way forward." You can say that again ! - MiaS


ContraTory said...

Now, if they had suggested making in-town parking less expensive or free, that would be a vote winner and really help small traders, amongst others.

Man in a Shed said...

Good idea. Parking really get people worked up. I heard people sound of about it on the doorstep before, telling me about the letters they've written to the council etc.

In Woking it was an election issue, and still is.