Thursday, August 30, 2007

For whom the poll tolls

Has to be said the polls for the Conservatives just aren't great right now.

Though the last few weeks attempt to start some serrious definition of the Conservative message is an encouraging step.

But the underlying problem is that Labour is destroying the country by stealth and there are enough people in the media and especially the BBC who think they will be some sort of traitor if the point this out. Examples:

    1) Labour has wrecked the constitutional settlement in this country - with its anti English bias.
    2) The armed forces are fighting slow wars but deadly for the young men who fight them - which are more to do with senior politician's egos than a winnable strategy.
    3) Labour have trashed the high office they have held. Blair should have resigned as soon as WMD weren't found as he assured us they would be. And when he failed to do so his party should have removed him.
    4) Gordon Brown is going to pass the re badged European constitution without a referendum - directly breaking his manifesto pledge. He's not a man to be trusted at his word.
    5) The education system is being destroyed - at the same time as the methods for measuring achievement are being dismantled and debased by the government.

Unfortunately the one thing they have achieved is dominance of the media and state funded broadcasters.

Update: The party has seen the need to release its own polling data. The question must be why ? To put Gordon of - or as a double bluff to pull him in. Its hard to know which.

    Labour 37% (-2)
    Conservative 36% (+3)
    Lib Dems 16% (+1)

However with Barclay's bank needing emergency loans from the Bank of England and the US taking what look like panicked measured to sure up the situation over there - who knows what the economic picture will be in October ! It could be very reckless to go to the country now - or perhaps very desperate.

The Wilted Rose blog has a more optimistic take - backed by further analysis here - worth a look if all this is getting you down.

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Mountjoy said...

I was devastated by yesterday's ICM poll, and now I'm feeling a lot more upbeat having analysed the Populus poll. Broadly, it suggests that the Brown Bounce is deflating.

There will be more polls out soon; meanwhile Iain Dale and Dizzy have heard rumours Brown will call the election on Tuesday. I wonder how Labour will react to this Populus poll? :-)