Saturday, July 07, 2007

The United Kingdom has become a Labour confidence trick

Now that Plaid is going into 'government' with Labour in Wales the Celtic nationalists are in power in every one of their 'countries'. (What this really means is into the business of spending English tax payers money on their lunatic revival of a stone age language and other acts of dire and always expensive stupidity.)

But England doesn't exist. Gordon Brown uses the "Scotland, Wales and the British regions" ploy to cover the fact he has no mandate in England. His solution is to abolish England as an inconvenient fact.

At the same time that the Welsh are trying to educate their children in an obscure language they also think a different legal system will help them (the cost of the alliance with Plaid - but when you've got a nice government salary you want it to continue for at least 4 years - whoever is paying - and as it happens to be the English - who cares ?). Of course lawyers will do very well as will politicians. But the cost of government will sky rocket. Business will be deterred from Wales - so the public sector will take up more of the slack. Who will pay ?

The English of course.

At the same time Labour is undermining our inheritance by selling out to the EU. The English being the people most likely to object are ignored, deceived and spun against.

When is England going to wake up to all this ?

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Anonymous said...

Well of course the Welsh and Scots Nats want independence and control of their own taxes - let the English keep their money. The Welsh and Scots Nats also agree that is ridiculouly unfair that Wales and especially Scotland are over-represented in the Westminster parliament and that Welsh and Scottish MPs can vote on English matters. Did you know that the Nationalist MPs already pursue a policy of not voting on English matters at Westminster. Independence for England? Bring it on.