Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Freedom of religion is dying in Britain

After a period of religious conflict in this country Queen Elizabeth I is famously quoted as saying she had "no desire to make windows into men's souls". She understood how to let people with different, but strongly held faiths, coexist and live in peace.

Now we find the freedom to organise your religion in accordance with you conscience is no longer the right of an Englishman. Examples today are:

  1. An adjudicator appointed by Exeter University has ruled that is would be okay for a Muslim to become leader of a Christian society ( in this case the CU), as any restriction on membership based on professed faith cannot be allowed. What this in effect means is that any minority religion can be crushed on campus by the majority. It presumably also means all the Christian Union members could join another religious society and use it against the faith is claims to profess. This is just madness - and of course political correctness fuelled by the intolerance and anti-Christian hatred of the National Union of Socialists Students. In other Universities aggressive anti-Christian campaigns have been mounted - of a type no one would dare to carry out against other religions.
  2. The Bishop of Hereford has lost an employment tribunal for refusing to employ a man whose views disagree with the teaching and traditions of the church over 2000 years.

Now the courts and Universities decide which parts of the Christian faith are acceptable and legal - when at the same time the law is broken to allow a cow with TB to avoid slaughter and no one dares say anything about Islam.

These measures are all clearly related to left wing politics in the UK and NuLabour in particular. I don't see how any Christian, who professes the faith either of the Church of England or the Catholic church can be a member of or vote for these oppressors of traditional English religious freedom.

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