Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Is it the night of the long knives in Gaza ?

It looks like Hamas are going for the kill with Fatah - see Charles Levinson in Gaza City - Daily Telegraph report here.

Civil war certainly looks like an adequate description. Oddly Israel is the protecting power and may be legally obliged to act. Who knows if it will ?

From an article on how people are leaving Gaza here's one chilling tale (Full article in Daily Telegraph by Charles Levinson here )

    On Sunday, the violence took a grim turn.

    Twenty-eight-year-old Mohammad al Suwerky, a supply runner for Mr Abbas's elite presidential guards, was grabbed by Hamas gunmen and bundled up to the roof of an abandoned building. The militants bound Mr Suwerky's feet with his belt, tied his hands behind his back and tossed him 18 stories to his death on the asphalt below.

Blood on the rooftops, too much for me.

Can you hear the world and the Muslims demanding all this stops ? No ? Thought not.

Perhaps Hamas have been ordered to clear the decks for a potential wider coming conflict ?

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billy said...

So lond as they are busy killing eah other it benefits Israel and us.