Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ignor Livingstone - less understanding, more action on Terror !

Ken Livingston no doubt has a theory about how this is all caused by white oppression. The BBC says the government is dealing with this as a criminal matter - I have to say that doesn't seem likely.

There may be casualties. Two men escaped the fire and were tackled by some brave men who prevented their escape.

More on this latter no doubt ...

By the way by more action I don't mean 90 days detention without justification just as Labour tried to give the impression of doing something, but without foundations.

Time to stop the Spin Gordon and do your job, pass that on to what's her name who's Home Sec.

BBC still saying they're treating it as a criminal matter - still doesn't seem like it to me. I wonder what they know ? Now they are mentioning the possibility of an earlier collision.

Its very confused.

There also appear to be casualties.

BBC link on this here.

Update: Just seen an eye witness on TV describing how one of the two occupants who was covered in flames attacked a policeman who tried to help him shouting Allah Allah.

So that'll be the religion of peace again I suppose.

Further Update:
It now appears the Scottish police have diagnosed this as terrorism - whatever could have led them to that idea ? ( However - full marks for bravery to the officer who had to confront these lunatics ! )

Good news: The police report a lot of cooperation from the communities - which is code of course, but very good news.

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