Monday, June 11, 2007

Education is being replaced by propoganda by the Left in the UK

I am increasing having the conversation with my wife about if we dare to leave our children in the state sector. (This is a desperate conversation as our income won't cover school fees and some changes would be needed to get the money in.)

My major concern in the way Science is no longer actual taught in the State sector. A good friend of ours is a science teacher and she has described the new science qualifications as almost science free.

Now a report from Civitas seems to be saying the same thing.

The left have no shame and effectively are trying to use education for political propaganda. When debates were based on knowledge and facts they lost - so they are trying to remove those obstacles - Stalin would be proud of them.

PS If you doubt what is happening to UK science nip over to the BBC's bitsize revision site and see what actually passes for Chemistry these days ! ( A large amount seems to be geological stamp collecting to me.)


komadori said...

I presume you never suffered from Nuffield O-level Chemistry when you were a child? I think I still have the textbook somewhere, which was shocking (even as a 14 year old child) for the fact that (a) it did not contain a single chemistry equation, and (b) seemed more concerned with teaching me that the North Sea oil industry was wrong rather than about chemistry.

The big difference is that, whereas Nuffield Science (and SMP Mathematics) were just two of many options available from a multiplicity of examination boards, the new ‘science’ is a national curriculum imposed on all.

Man in a shed said...

Good point. Thankfully I had the traditional science courses. Which I still rely on to do my job.