Monday, June 04, 2007

Civil servants told to destroy reports on risky IT projects

Tony Collins reports in Computer Weekly that:

    Treasury officials are ordering the immediate destruction of "Gateway" internal reports into risky government IT schemes to prevent information on the projects being leaked.
Full article here ....

Is that the smell of burning tax payer money again ? Who is chancellor of the exchequer these days ? This is a disgrace - he should resign.

Alternatively some more playful members of the bloggersphere might try a freedom of information request for the title of reports that now need to be destroyed after reading - but perhaps that would be too mission impossible ? ;-)

Update: See Dizzy Thinks on this also..

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IanP said...

Does anyone know what the legal status of these documents is?

Would a civil servant to destroyed these documents be acting under the Civil Service code, or be undertaking a political act.?

Are we seeing Party, Government and State merging into one entity?