Saturday, May 19, 2007

No one cares who Labours token deputy leader is !

Donald Malcolm ( commonly thought to be Alistair Campbell under a pseudonym ) writes that Harriet Harman is the deputy leader David Cameron ( who needn't think he can come out of the naughty corner for the Grammar school fiasco just yet ) fears most in The First Post- 14th May.

The truth is nobody, except seasoned political watchers, cares. The Deputy leader of the Labour party is a non-job. The only time you can do anything is when the leader dies - and then its just temporary until someone else gets elected.

For the Deputy leader to have any influence they would have to be chosen by the leader - not elected to keep an eye on a leader no one trusts.

Who thinks Gordon Brown will actually listen for a minute to anything that Harriet Harman says - unless she's reading from a script he already gave her ?

What a waste of time this all is !

Though its interesting to see Alistair supporting Postman Pat under his real name today ! Michael Howard has the right idea on Newsnight about this man !

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Rachel Joyce said...

The public may not care at the moment, but having people like Prescott in charge when the PM is on holiday is deeply embarrassing for the country.