Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How far will the Lib Dems go ?

This car has been parked in the teachers car park for the last few days and my local school ( to be a ballot station tomorrow ).

There has been an outbreak of ridiculously size election posters in Woking - mostly Lib Dem ones - but there are Conservative ones also. (Haven't seen a Labour poster this election - they must be too ashamed to show their faces.)

But this using a private car in a school for campaigning just seems wrong to me. Schools should just be left alone (none of that intimidating campaigning outside school gates either - by any party.) Why are the Lib Dem supporters so desperate ? But more importantly how do they see out the back of their cars ?

Remember its a school car park, and they'll need to reverse to get out.


Peter said...

If it's clearly in view of the Polling Station then the officer in charge may actually have to cover it up.

I suggest spray paint...

Man in a shed said...

What worries me is that I'm not sure it isn't one of my children's teacher's.

I think the parents evening to follow could be a little tense.

I just wish people would show a bit more restraint and common sense.