Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another Woking Lib Dem bar chart !

You can see the theme developing here - but let me show you the can't win her[TM Cowley Street] bar chart. Then a number of facts and a policy that the local Lib Dems didn't think was worth telling the electorate about:
Now the Lib Dems are in power this year as the Mayor is a Conservative ( thus removing one vote this year ). But hold on a minute - no votes cast to be shown ? ( Don't the Lib Dems believe in proportional representation - or is that just a ruse to get themselves bigger expense accounts?)

In the contituency this leaflet was distributed in the Conservatives win hands down.

In the last local elections the Conservatives got 45%, the Fib Lib Dems 40%, 25% to the rest. It was due to the votes distribution that the Conservatives lost power. But you wouldn't guess that from the Lib Dem bar chart.

The bar chart also tries another perceptual trick putting an additional much smaller box around the Conservative councillor number.

I believe this tells you who the Liberal Democrats really are. By their own bar charts shall you know them !


By the way these were the results in the continuency that this leaflet was dropped in last year:

Conservatives 63.4%, Lib Dem 17.8%.

My bar chart based on the actual results of the 2006 Woking Borough elections for this ward.

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