Sunday, April 08, 2007

TINA's back !

Man in a Shed is Man in a Gite this weak (no school boy puns please). To his surprise there's GPRS reception out here in Normandy and I heard something so dramatic last night that I have to report back.

MiaS is on a sometimes regular reunion with old University friends and for the last 2 decades MiaS has been the uncaring fascist oppressor of the people. Destroyer of the miners, sinker of the Belgrano, Eurosceptic etc, untrendy odd one out ( you get the picture ).

But last night he heard the following ( unprompted as I've almost given up discussing politics with my old friends ) - "I will be voting Conservative at the next election for the first time in my life as there is no alternative - all the others are rubbish !" This is from a firm working class man - who for class loyalty voted Labour for many years, and more recently voted Lib Dem.

His wife, a governor at her local school, went on to describe government waste and interference in school budgets and how crazy the whole thing is. MiaS is beginning to wonder if some cruel trick isn't being played on him - either that or my hearing needs testing. She is also a never vote for the blue party person.

So its official TINA's back - the rest are rubbish.

I watching the Easter dawn through the windows of the Gite (kids up early - and we have 8 of them between 3 couples) and the dawn is blue.

Happy Easter day !


(Send via GPRS - so no comment moderation this week )
Update: Turns out the GPRS signal my phone had wouldn't let me make an internet connection - so send am 16Apr.

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