Thursday, April 05, 2007

So the BBC gets an ex-Labour councillor as Chairman of its Trust

Is anyone really surprised ?

The BBC must be broken up as:

    1) It is a great threat to the freedom of the nation to have such a single -all powerful- communicator controlling national life.
    2) Appointments to its board/trust are political.


james higham said...

I always liked the BBC's independence years ago, which allowed quirky programmes to see the light of day.

Sadly, the time for a subsidized BBC has now long gone.

C4' said...

I'd privatise the BBC and leave it to sink or swin in a free-market economy!

Loz said...

Yes, let's dump the BBC so that News International can control all we see, hear and think!

Don't forget the one with the gold always makes the rules, I seem to remember John Major giving Governorship of somewhere or other to a mate of his who hadn't managed to keep his seat in the General Election, hang on, I'll remember his name in a minute... ;-)

And don't forget, Blair also appointed the guy who then resigned after the Hutton Whitewash, so isn't that an example of an appointee not doing what might be expected?