Sunday, April 01, 2007

Here it comes - the GL lobbies war of attrition against the Church

A Church of England Bishop is being taken to court by Stonewall ( on behalf of some 41 year old 'youth worker' ).

Get ready for a lot more of this as the gay and lesbian lobby, with its many friends in high placed NuLabour government positions (where the traditional family has nearly no friends) and the BBC, starts its war of legal attrition against the Church. The SORs recently pushed through will provided a never ending stream of such cases - and the lobby groups will ensure they keep coming to court. Soon we will be in a position where the former soviet block had more religious freedom than Britain.

The Catholic church at least openly recognised the threat - despite the failure of its main representative in government Ruth Kelly to stand up for her beliefs and place her career first ahead of her faith ( Q: What is her faith worth ? A: Less than her career as is now clearly demonstrateable. ) But they still stop short of telling its members not to vote Labour and that is the only effective course of action here.

PS Check out the spectacular Bias of the BBC story - that fails to point out the issues of faith and the church's teaching but just trots out the lines it was no doubt fed. The picture of the bishop with the heavily biased caption below is also inexcusable - but typical from such a politically motivated organisation as the BBC.

Note: Whilst getting the link for the Catholic line from Cranmer I noticed that his Grace has also posted on this issue here...

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