Friday, March 30, 2007

And now the MSM starts to ask questions

Man in a Shed said this was a failure of the Royal Navy straight away (24 Mar 07).

EU Referendum has also been raising questions.

Now the MSM is starting to zero in. See "Vulnerable Royal Navy boats 'like sitting ducks'", by Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent of the Daily Telegraph.

In my opinion this is a direct government failure for which the directly responsible minister is Des Browne - but the real responsibilities lie with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

The Royal Navy has been allowed to get into a state of dangerous imbalance and lack of resources. So much so that it couldn't now provide over the horizon air cover of the type the Sea Harrier ( retired by NuLabour) could have given. If the American's weren't in the Arabian Gulf then we would not dare go there alone.

There are many unanswered questions about this basic failure. The Iranian's are humiliating the Royal Navy and through this threatening the Gulf Arabs who might expect protection from us.

Its a national disgrace. Its very dangerous. Appearing weak is what caused the Falklands War - the last time the Navy was about to be cut back. Appearing weak in the middle east is doubly dangerous.

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