Monday, February 12, 2007

Sharkey sharkey - bite bite

There's a new venture called Blue Shark aimed at the younger end of the market for right of centre video casting.

Its being run by at least Caroline Hunt ( and any others ? Yes - see Caroline's comment below )- its a good idea. Who knows what will work well - but the important thing is to try !

The Conservative Party is one of the few things that makes Man in a Shed feel young - still being referred to as young at uhm very nearly 40. However - I hope this new venture gets loads support as helps kick Man in a Shed firmly into middle age ( I'm starting to plan my mid life crisis already. )

But whatever - good luck Blue Shark - hope you get to chomp on plenty of socialist fish food.

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1 comment:

Caroline Hunt said...

There are others involved! Notably Andrew Young and Alex Crowley plus a team of article writers. I couldn't write my own blog and this one all ony my own! :)