Thursday, February 22, 2007

The no brainer election in France - which could be a problem

Television France 24 is wondering what the world thinks of their Presidential election:

My guess is that the Royal woman is better looking than the bloke with the big nose, but the big nose should win as he actually seems to learnt the lessons of the last 20 years.

Its a no brainer really as Ms Royal has already shown herself to be unable to handle any form of responsibility, and is even more of an air head when it comes to socialism and France's need to get its act together.. However it is France she's running in - so maybe she has a chance after all !

Anyway here goes the free advertising - if you have a camera and some time please feel free to go and make some fun of the French with Man in a Shed's blessing ...

They have yet to work out what Mrs T was on about all those years ago ...

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UK Daily Pundit said...

The new template's looking good MIAS.

Man in a shed said...

Thanks - its really a standard Blogger2 template with tweaks.. hoping to customise a bit more with time.