Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Damage to bridge in Kansas

Answer - It doesn't really matter... The point is that the trucking company just bought themselves a bridge.

Notes: MiaS slightly wonders about some of these pictures - in that the elevation of the arm doesn't fit the initial damage to the bridge. He is also shocked by the amount of damage.

However - there are internet articles to back it up - see here (quote from below ) also this Urban legends site here.

    “This is a once-in-a-lifetime deal,” said Kevin Zimmer, area engineer for the Kansas Department of Transportation in Hays. “We have bridges that get hit fairly regularly, but it’s usually a small impact that removes a small amount of concrete. This is pretty substantial.”

    The crash happened Monday night when the boom on the track hoe excavator struck the overpass.

    The collision left the boom sticking through the deck of the bridge, about a mile west of Hays’ main 1-70 interchange.

    “He was just too tall for the bridge,” Kansas Highway Patrol spokesman Allan Lytton said.

    The rig’s driver wasn’t injured. Nor was the driver of a sport utility vehicle struck with debris from the collision.

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