Friday, January 26, 2007

Burma 'orders Christians to be wiped out'

See this in today's DT.

The report tells of monks (Buddhist I assume) burning down churches and being sent to forcibly convert Christians to Buddhism. The secret government memo "The Christian religion is very gentle,– identify and utilise its weakness."

I wonder if our governing Labour party has any such email on how to deal with the Church in the UK on their secret email system. ( Assuming nobody in No10 has been over zealous with the deleting.)


Curly said...

Ah, the secret email system and the Blair document apparently found by Yates' men at 10 Downing Street. One of my customers dropped a copy into Curly's Corner Shop, don't you know.

Bag said...

One can never be over zealous deleting Emails nowadays.

Man in a shed said...

Of course the problem is your email exists in a number of places - and even if you think you've deleted it inspector Knacker of the yard has some good forensic tools these days ;-)