Friday, January 19, 2007

Blair and NuLabour say the English don't count

Just noted the following response from the Government ( run by Scots for Scots ) to the E-Petition for an English Parliament. Man in a Shed has added a little fisking in red ;-)

See the original spin and anti-English insult here:

There are no plans to establish a separate parliament for England. The four components of the United Kingdom have their own histories and distinct national identities, as well as different administrative structures, size and population. (3 of the 4 get National parliaments)

As a result, the Government believes that different approaches and solutions are appropriate to address the differences that exist between the components that comprise the United Kingdom. The starting point for England is not the same as it was in Scotland and Wales. ( Rubbish )

The Government believes that the establishment of an English Parliament would not be of real benefit to the people of England (for England read Scotland). As the population of England accounts for 84 per cent of the UK population, this would mean that an English Parliament would only be slightly smaller than the current UK Parliament. ( So ? )

Such a move would not, therefore, contribute significantly towards bringing people in England closer to the decision making process( yes it would it would rid the cabinet of many of its Scottish ministers who represent Scottish constituencies who are ruling over mainly English departments), which is one of the cornerstones of devolution( robbing the English blind of their rights). The Government therefore has no plans at present to provide for an English Parliament. ( Hey notice the classic Blair deceit ploy of answering a totally different question. )

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