Friday, December 22, 2006

The next star in the east

Could be from explosions ( maybe nuclear ) over Iran. Things are moving faster and especially Blair is sounding more truculent ( why ? ).

See Robert Fox's article in the First Post.

Man in a Shed has long thought war with Iran very likely, and quite soon. The consequences could be even more massive than the invasion of Iraq.


billy said...

Don't you think that war with Iran is essential. I think that we are doing only half the job with Iraq and Afghanistan. If we want what remains of the viable oil reserves we must attack Iran and Saudi Arabia before they get nuclear weapons.
I would have thought that our Army with the Americans and Israelis alongside ought to be able to do the job. Israel gets security, we all get oil.
If this idea is thought worthwhile I'd happily accept a few gallons of complimentary diesel.

Suz said...

Take a chill pill it's Christmas

The Shaved Ape said...

This time the oppressive and warlike regime should be removed, without the massive (i.e. expensive) rebuilding effort. We could have simply bombed Saddam Hussein into the stone age and left, and considering the Iraqis don't want peace amongst themselves, that would have been the right choice. If another despot arises in the future, it would provide another excellent opportunity to test our superior weapons in a real-world environment.

That's my take.

For Iran, I don't think W will attack. Few presidents have entertained thoughts of war in their final two years (he's a lame duck). It would be a hell of a situation to drop on your successor. Iran is asking for it, though.

james higham said...

Why? Bush and Blair's time is running out. Merry Christmas. Have a restful time and be of good cheer. James

billy said...

Do the Iranians know it's Christmas?

The Shaved Ape said...

Oddly enough, it will be Jews who will give Iran a late Christmas present the moment its first nuclear reactor comes online. Count on that.

See: Operation Opera, where Israel leveled Iraq's first reactor.