Monday, December 18, 2006

Negative memory of negative equity

Less we all forget.... our collective negative memory about equity.

Now you might think its an odd point for Tory to be bringing up. And your right it is! But I can't help thinking were in a housing bubble right now and the sooner its punctured the better for everyone.

The reports today that many flats are not even being rented out - just held for the capital rise. That's got to be a sign that the underlying value of property is being over estimated if its not worth working the asset.

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wrinkled weasel said...

There are more credit cards in the UK than people.

The current boom is being financed on credit cards..average income couples working themselves into early graves to pay increasing mortgage costs and buying the groceries on their Mastercard.

All that needs to happen is a small adverse change in circumstances and the spiral begins - it takes months if not years to adjust to a lower income and by that time you have built up a massive deficit.

Sooner or later the card wont take it any more and the house has to be sold to pay for all the loans and credit limits that they so easily got.

Personal debt is at record levels and is unsustainable.

go here to be appalled:

This one factor alone is a time bomb. Given all the other possible trigger factors a bust is a certainty.

If there is a Conservative government next time they will, with some legitimacy, be able to blame it on NuLAb.