Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ken Livingston vs Daniel Pipes

This has just popped into Man in a Shed's inbox. I can't go as I'll just have arrived back from America that day, but if anyone else is interested it should be entertaining. ( Listening to speeches live is always far better that the sanitised versions reported on TV where you are virtually told what to think by the reporter/commentator - who points out what he/she thought was the important part. If you listen yourself you may have a very different point of view !)

It would be nice if it wasn't just tree hugging naive lefties in the audience.

From the email:

Dear Reader:

Ken Livingston, the mayor of London, England, has invited me to debate him on Saturday, January 20, 2007, 10-12 a.m., at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London. This event will be the centerpiece of a conference organized by the Greater London Authority, the city’s government, titled “A World Civilization or a Clash of Civilizations.”

For more details on the conference, see

To sign up for (free) tickets, go to

I would be delighted if you can attend.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Pipes

Update (29Jan07):
Youtube video's of this debate are available here ... haven't looked at the myself as I must get some work done today, but I'll be checking them over latter on.

There are seven parts.

Parts 1 and 2 - Mayor Ken Livingstone's main presentation.
Parts 3 and 4 - Daniel Pipes presentation.
Part 5 - Salma Yaqoob's presentation
Part 6 - Douglas Murray's presentation.
Part 7 - The first of the floor questions.


JFKAR said...

I was there and it was entertaining. I'd never seen Pipes live before and he was both eloquent and elegant. He wiped the floor with 'Red' Ken and his sidekick (a closet Islamist in a headscarf) in the first ten minutes of his opening salvo.

Pipes' partner in the debate was the Tories' Douglas Murray (from the Home Office) who was very articulate and direct - far less diplomatic than Daniel Pipes in fact, and he earned the most raucous applause which told us there were more sane people in the audience than we thought there would be.

They opened the floor for questions and comments but most of that time was wasted by Loonies spewing adverts for the usual causes celebre with lots of predictable parroting of Party lines and a smattering of slander which Daniel Pipes refuted with facts - which never works with Leftists, of course, since they have The Truth.

But as you say, you really needed to be there. I wonder if a recording will be made available.

HisHineness said...

JFKAR, I was there also, and I agree very much with what you've written. For me, Mr. Murray was the highlight of the morning. Dr. Pipes was very well-spoken and eloquent, "Red" Ken's speech had little substance, and Salma Yacoob's effort was little more than a hodge podge of empty sloganeering.

The Q&A was definitely the low point of the event, with various rambling nutbags dribbling barely-coherent queries at the on-stage participants. The only worthwhile questions (from both sides of the debate) came from the reserved seating at the front of the room - the barely-literate primates toward the rear of the audience offered little of any interest.

Anonymous said...

'Daniel Pipes explained that the war is actually between civilization and barbarism.'

Why do zionists lie to us instead of admit the war is about consolidating "Israel"?

It's about oil, it's about barbarism vs civilisation, it's about a holy war, it's about weapons of mass destruction, it's about al queda, it's about saddam, it's about the arms industry, it's about Iran, it's about extremism, it's about 9/11. WE'RE NOT STUPID - IT'S ABOUT 'ISRAEL!'

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anony, for you it is all about Israel.

For your friends later, it is all about Spain and recapturing Mighty Andalusia.

After you and your friends have consumed Spain, you'd like to set about going after new territory, because by then it will not be about Israel or Spain, but about taking a new piece of territory from the Infidels.

For us Infidels, it really is about all of those other things that you say don't matter -- plus it is about Israel.

We are wise to your efforts to "bargain up" as you go -- and we'll have something ready for you every step of the way.

Bring it on, Anony.

Signed, Anony.