Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The intra-faith war - Islam: Sunni vs Shia

Man in a Shed has for a number of years thought that war with Iran was very likely ( though equally undesirable ). I wonder if what I shouldn't be worried about is a larger war.

The following points today reinforce this foreboding:

1) The continued daily slaughter between the two main branches in Islam ( probably with the Sunni insurgents being the worse offenders. ) There's no point putting in a link hear - by the time I post this there will be more innocent bodies murdered and tortchured by people who claim Islam as their religion. The American's and British are now just acting like moderators to keep the rate of killing down, and perhaps in the process extending the indescribable agony of the decent people of Iraq. (Why are these demonic crimes never the subject of outrage and protest in Britain - only the invasion and occupation ?)
2) The Israelis have seemed fit to remind the Arab world that they are one of the worlds most potent nuclear powers ( more war heads than the UK ). Of course the Arab and Persian leaders know this well - but perhaps the Israelis want to remind their peoples. (Also note Israeli intelligence on the stability of the middle east will be good - they now feel its time to remind everyone what size stick they carry - which tells you something about where they see the Middle East going right now ).
3) The Saudi's and Jordanians are starting to get dragged into Iraq and are warning of far worse consequences if the British and Americans withdraw. Almost threatening war.
4) The mad mullah's (aka Iran) reorganising history at there "What Holocaust" meeting.
5) The murder of 3 innocent children in Gaza - whose father will no doubt want revenge and has the means to get it. This may help trigger civil war in Gaza. (Perhaps the aim of the assasins.)
6) Hezbollah trying to gain Shia ascendancy in Lebanon - with just 30% of the population.
7) Tony Blair, now impotent, seeking to increase his BA Exec club card to Gold by visiting the middle east to sort out the Arabs and the Jews.

Its rather hard to be optimistic when you look at things like this.

Hold the press - Tony Blair has just called Iran a threat ..... Does anyone know how much aviation fuel is being shipped to Diego Garcia at the moment ? One thing we've learned from the invasion of Iraq is that the long lead items for war need to be ordered some time in advance. ( The Americans do this - the British just short change their servicemen. )

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