Saturday, November 18, 2006

The real security threat

Just read an excellent, and reasoned speech from Paul Goodman MP ( Con Wycombe ) given in the debate on the Queens speech. Melanie Phillips quotes it whole on her blog here.

This is the sort of thing Parliament should be all about. It also homes in on the type of threat Islamism ( as Paul Goodman calls it ) or Islamo Fascism ( as I think is more appropriate ).

Paul Goodman makes clear that it is not the traditional Islam in Britain he is talking about, but the new wave of Islamism. He is the Conservative MP with the largest muslim population. So you can be sure his words have been carefully judged and considered.

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serbialives admin said...

When will people understand that you cant contrast moderate Islam from islamism or islamo-facsism. EVERY muslim has allegiance to the ummah first and foremost. They are a group which it is totally impossible to integrate. It is so-called moderate islam which is a perversion of true islam, and there are not too many followers of this new invention that bush and blair believe in.
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