Friday, November 17, 2006


Man in a Shed has been running a business for a while now - mostly developing software ( no income yet - as no product released ). I have also just completed a short bit of consultancy work - for which I have just been paid.

What I want to share is how good it feels to have done something for yourself. To have set out a course and started to at least get something back from it. Working in big companies or (so help you) for the government is safe, better paid, but has hardly ever been as satisfying.

There's a long way to go, and much risk to be taken, but the first money coming in is a special day.

If your thinking of setting up a small business then this is one of the milestones to look forward to.

The bottle of champagne is in the fridge - hope you all have a good weekend too,

Man in a Shed.

I had originally thought of running a blog just on the business side - Shed Business - but there isn't really enough time for this blog, let alone another one. I may remove it shortly.

I've been looking at blogging in my professional domain with a link to my company. But I'm not sure I'd have time along with Man in a Shed. Every so often I think of stopping this blog - but then I see someone from NuLabour/Islamofacsists on TV who winds me up enough that I can't help but want to rant ( Lord Falconer for some reason just sets me off). So this blog is safe just now.

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