Saturday, November 11, 2006

Falconerphobia to be outlawed - Labour to crush freedom again !

Just heard Lord Falconer talking about reintroducing legislation against inciting religious hatred again. "Because we must show Britain isn't anti-Islamic" says Tony Blair's ex flat mate. The BBC is giving it the best spin possible.

Well lets say there is a theoretical religion [ yes really - this could apply to a number of religions I could name ], Falconerism lets pretend, that defines people who don't believe ( or surrender to it) as being anti-Falconers - Falconerphobic even !

Any criticism of Flaconerism - like pointing out that people who leave the faith should be shunned or killed - is Falconerphobic. Pointing out that in Falconerism countries no other religions are allowed and that a brutal and sadistic legal system murders its citizens is clear Falconerphobia. The religion of Falconer has been revealed and can never be questioned - and must only be read in its native NuLabour spinese.

Refusing to acquiesce to demands of Flaconerism or point out that they are a threat is likely to incite Falconerphobia and a prison sentence.

All buildings of new Falconer Temples - funded from strange over seas sources - must be allowed - even when there are no devotees (yet) living in the area, else that would be Falconerphobic. Retrospective planning permission must also meekly be given - whenever it is asked for.

Freedom is crushed - debate is driven underground and the law oppresses those who have a view that does not conform to Falconerism's demands.

All this is coming to our country unless the authoritarian NuLabour government is stopped.

If we lose the right to criticise religion then we will surely loose all our rights to any religion that demands we should have none.

PS If you voted for this government you should be deeply ashamed of yourself. As you should if you voted for the BNP. But if I lose the right to explain why, then soon you will lose the right to make your choices - even the wrong ones.

Also why does no one on the left worry about inciting Political Hatred ? (Just listen to the alleged liberal and concerned of the Guardian and BBC when they talk of "The Tories").

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