Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Civil war in Iraq

With the kidnapping of 150 Sunni Muslims, probably by Shia militia, in Baghdad its clear that a slow burn civil war is going on. US forces, and UK forces in the South, merely slow its rate down ( and maybe are extending the agony ).

Something like Rwanda and Srebrenica appears to be brewing up in Iraq - and the nations of the world (including all the Arabs) know this.

They will no doubt feign shock (the horror will be real) if it really spins up as US/UK forces leave, just as we all try not to imagine what is happening to these men.

The worlds turns its back, and prefers not to see or hear.

Update: The BBC has just started reporting that all those taken hostage have been released ! (No link yet)

Further update: It appears there are still 70 people not accounted for and their fate could be very distressing.

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