Monday, October 02, 2006

Rest in peace Sgt Simon Cullingworth and Sapper Luke Allsopp

The inquest into the deaths of two British soldiers in the Iraq war has returned a verdict of unlawfully killing.

This case has personal resonance as Simon was one of the two school mates who have died so far in the war on terror. The case also shows the brutality of the Baathist regime, which combined with the sociopathic lack of common humanity and natural sympathy for human beings that Islmofascism's shows, puts what we are fighting into context.

But this does not give the government permission to just slowly bleed our armed forces.

As I've said else where I'm not in favour of carrying on in Afghanistan, unless our troops are given the equipment, numbers and support to do the job.

Coffins sneaked back into the UK and under reported injuries just to spare the political blushes of this disgraced government is what I fear for the future - and is in already happening.

This case shows both the tragedy of war and the face of our enemy, against whom we dare not weaken. ( Just letting out soldiers bleed slowly at a rate that public relations allows to be carried by this government is just not enough. I regard that as being weak. We either withdraw to a defensible line or fight to win with full effort and support including proper medical treatement in military only wards.)

But rest in peace Simon - you'll be remembered.

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