Sunday, October 15, 2006

Listen again - to Christina Lamb

Just looking through some of my old posts and spotted the BBC (Today prog) still have an interview with Christina Lamb on being in an ambush. It really does bear listening to again - link here (real player).

Listen to the emotion in Christina's voice. She sounded traumatised to me and trying hard to keep her emotion in control.

Listen also to her criticisms.

This was in July and the events heard happend earlier - its Mid Oct now, and the government has started some spin about

Go on to listen to the Foreign Office representative ( he says they are delivering reconstruction in Helmand ). MOD wouldn't put anyone up

My feeling is we are just being lied to. We must keep holding then likes of John Reid to the words they used when they committed our forces.

Blair as we know doesn't tell us the truth.

Note also Chritina's telling of radios not working and air support not being available. How many such incidents happened to troops without Journalists to report back ?

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