Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Why I didn't vote in the do you support the leader ballot

9 out of ten party members - who expressed a preference - supported David Cameron's vote on some statement of party direction.

The options were:

a) Support the leader.
b) Destroy the leader.

Man in a Shed forgot to vote for the following reasons:

1) I forgot - even after that nice young man from Tory central office asked me if I had voted ( ie panic at central office due to low returns. ) Yes I found the material again - but its hardly inspiring stuff - sorry but its not.
2) Which way could you vote anyway ? Against the leadership - even if there was something to object to in the document ? That's just stupid and asking to stay in opposition.
3) I would have voted yes - if it passed the apathy test, really. It just didn't.
4) The Dog ate my ballot paper ( just wanted to say that. )

There is a message for Dave in all this somewhere - I hope he takes note. Dave better listen to us whilst its only our apathy talking.

Now William Hague's party ballot on nailing the Europhiles was something I could get into ( and enjoyed voting in ).

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