Saturday, September 09, 2006

Big Ears knifes Mr Grumpy

Charles Clarke has pushed along the NuLabour character assassination campaign to stop Gordon Brown becoming PM. But hold on a minute - it seems that what he's telling us is that Gordon is a deeply flawed person ( as Mr A Campbell has said in the past ).

But they thought they didn't need to tell us - until it suited their purpose to do so. Sounds like there's a large number of senior Labour characters who don't understand what duty to country actually is, if what they are saying about Gordon Brown is true and they have known it for years.
Also if Gordon Brown is so flawed and was likely to succeed Blair - should Blair have sacked him years ago - to prevent his rising to the top. So Blair fluffed the country first test too. They have real problems seeing that the country's interests and their's differ on occasion.

Shades of Charlie Kennedy here... We thought you (the dumb voters who may be ruled by **** didn't need to know ) etc is flavour of the day. Party and career first, country and duty last.

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Anonymous said...

I read in The S Times today that it was Tony Blair who told Campbell that Gordon Brown was "psychologically flawed", which is really meant to hurt, it means you are abnormal, worse than being told you are useless at your job. No wonder this country is in the mess it is.