Friday, May 05, 2006

Woking - still NOC, but Lib Dem largest party

This is an intresting, if some what disappointing, result. It clearly runs against the national trend - I wonder why ?

The local Lib Dems have gone for negative campaigning and we the Conservatives stayed with a positive message. I'm afraid the message here may be you need to combat Lib Dem mud slinging more effectively.

Results: don't have the specifics but Net Con 15(-1) Lib Dem 18(+3) Labour 3(-1) Ind 0(-1).

It will be intresting how the council goes on - I assume Lib Dems will take the lead. Will it come down to Mayors casting vote ? I think he's Lib Dem this year.


Serf said...

Bad Luck, at least the overall result was good.

ContraTory said...

It irritates me that the Lib Dems always seem better organised as regards putting up their election posters - usually at least a week before everyone else.
I can't even recall seeing a Conservative poster in Woking, but then, I was just driving through it.
The "word on the street" (probably a Lib Dem pork pie) was that Woking was "in the bag" for them, so obviously something obviously didn't go quite to plan!
It wouldn't surprise me if students from SU were drafted in from Guildford to "do" the leafletting etc - the Lib Dems are very good at that sort of thing.

Man in a shed said...

Strangely enough the Woking Consevatives put in a large leafleting and canvasing effort ( I should know ). How important do you think posters are ContraTory ? There were Tory posters but only latter in the day and not very visible ( maybe more so in Horsell - West where we lost ).
The Lib Dem leaflets were negative and misinforming - but our leafets ignored the Lib Dems. I believe this may have been a mistake. I'll Blog about it shortly and post a few examples. ( Need to learn the lessons here ).