Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today prog interview of David Cameron - BBC usual bias

I'm finally sick to the back teeth of John Humphrys interview technique. Its time for him to go. His interviews appear to me as more about his own ego - and perhaps political affiliations - than about informing the public.

He just wasted most of the interview with Mr Cameron going on about a car following his bicycle into work. And even then wouldn't wait for an answer.

Dear Mr Humphrys the local elections are on Thursday - don't you think you should have asked about those ?

You can listen again on the BBC's excellent service and if you agree with me then their complaints department is here ....

Unfortunately BBC Southern counties radio has switched to the core BBC message also - with the recent departure of some great presenters. Their opening headline - Tony Blair to campaign in Northern England ( not informative for their area - bias as no mention of other party leaders - and failing to point out David Cameron was actually in their region today !! ).

When the Conservatives get back in power, then the BBC needs to be dismembered and fixed.

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