Thursday, May 04, 2006

Route round the BBC

Its been said that the internet routes round damage. Attempts as censorship or control are defeated by the rate of innovation.

I hope this is true of the BBC's state control of the national mind. I'm tired of the BBC's use of the term 'Right Wing' and its systematic assumption of left of centre values.

Its time for a survey of the political sympathies of BBC reporting, editing and presenting staff ( how you would do it I'm not sure - especially as they will note what is up ). My guess is that most of them are Labour sympathisers. There may be a systematic bias in recruitment as the BBC is a quasi-State organisation and lefties tend to like that sort of employer.

But most of all its time for us all to keep reporting acts of bias in our blogs - routing around the BBC censorship.

Guido has a post of interest here:

Stephen Pollard a longer and better rant at the BBC than I could do !

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