Monday, April 17, 2006

Who's afraid of the BNP ?

Call me cynical, but this looks like another squeeze on the Lib Dem vote. Labour warn of BNP uprise - thereby securing the votes of those who feel threatened by the BNP but might vote anti 'war' Lib Dem and getting the wooly left to feel guilty about voting Lib Dems in case it lets the folk in jack boots in.

The alternative view is that the the Labour party means what it says and wants to give the BNP extra publicity before a local election ( given that many Labour supporters were of the No Free Speech Platform type at University this seems unlikely. ) Are they that stupid ?

Is this a sign of real desperation on Labour in London's part ?

Of course its hard to throw stones here as David Cameron has done something very similar with UKIP.

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Serf said...

They are trying to prespin the results. When the massive BNP landslide doesn't come, they will claim satifaction whatever the result is. Where Labour councillors win and BNP do badly, they will crow about how they saved us all from a fate worse than death.