Friday, April 07, 2006

The return of the 3 minute terror

Those under a certain age will not rember the underlying sense of tension from the cold war. The acceptance that at any time the sirens would go and you would have 3 minutes to find what shelter you could before soviet nuclear war heads started to go off around you. ( Latter we realised that the 3 minutes warning would probably never have been given ).

Well soon it will be back. The Iranians have an alleged nuclear capable missile that can hit Paris, and is assumed to be just short of London. But the next version will presumably include the whole UK. The prospect of London disappearing in a mushroom cloud will be back. Interesting to see what happens this time:

1) Will CND suggest unilateral nuclear disarmament again - to appease the Mullahs ?
2) Will we begin to stop laughing at the US Star Wars and Anti-Missile defence schemes and start to wish we had done some of the ground work ourselves ?
3) Will this make intervention (aka War) with Iran popular ?
4) How will the latest generation react to continual low level terror ?

Maybe I should have half buried this Shed and painted it White to reflect the initial flash....

Sounds alarmist ? Well yes - I truly hope so. If you want to believe this then I recommend not checking the pronouncements of the current Iranian regime on Britain, and especially not Israel.

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ContraTory said...

As regards your question 1, I'm sure that Bruce Kent and CND will have a new lease of life. Is the Pope a Catholic?!