Sunday, April 30, 2006

Out on the streets

Been out on the streets for the first time canvassing. I have to say I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. People again mostly friendly - even those who had didn't sympathise with the Conservative message. I'm developing more of a liking for my fellow countrymen and women that I thought I might.

Of course if they don't punish New Labour on Thurs then I may revise that view a bit.

Our real problem round here is the Lib Dems. There election material denounces the Conservative administration ( of the county council as far as I can make out - even though its borough elections ) for cutting the budget by GBP 50M - failing to mention that's the cut from central govt in the form of the same reduction in grant. Now I'm told their are some genuine honest and upstanding people standing for the Lib Dems - but how could they let something like that go out in their names if that is true ?

I also read they are in favour of abolishing Surrey Country council - maybe this is why they haven't leafleted my address, but just put up the 'whinging here' signs. They must have some inkling how unpopular that measure would be !

I conclude that not all of my fellow countrymen and women are entirely trustworthy.

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