Wednesday, April 12, 2006

NHS IT time bomb ticks on...

Computer Weekly keeps up the pressure on the government with a brief report by Tony Colins. Although its a trade magazine I recommend reading it and following its links.

In short the key point is:

"Their open letter to the House of Commons Health Select Committee echoes a call last year by Computer Weekly for an independent audit of the project.

The letter is unprecedented. Suppliers say they have been warned off speaking about the NPfIT, and IT directors in the NHS fear being victimised if they openly express critical views. Academics, who are independent of the NHS, can express their concerns without fear of repercussions. " - Tony Colins, Computer Weekly, Wednesday 12 April 2006.

This is all likely to go critical around the time of the next general election - which will harm Gordon Brown greatly. However, the real harm will be to the innocent patients of the NHS and the swindled tax payers who fund this project.

Remember the technical people can see this coming. They have tried to warn everyone else.

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