Wednesday, April 26, 2006

It should be going badly for Labour on May 4th

Given recently ( sorry if I've got the order a bit mixed up):
The Education reform fiasco ( Ruth Kelly / Tony Blair )
David Mills ( Tessa Jowell )
Hidden Loans to Labour Party ( Tony Blair )
Loans for peerages ( Tony Blair, Lord Levy )
Margaret Hodge ( and the BNP )
John Reid ( rules of engagement in Afghanistan )
Comrade Patricia Hewitt ( of the NHS )
Gordon Brown ( and what was your pension, and tax credits )
Shagger Prescott ( and people other than his wife and the planned Balkanisation of England and building on the South East )
Charles Clarke ( failing to deport criminals )
The Dave the chameleon shows

Things should go badly. However, you have to start wondering what it would take to make the British Electorate properly punish these people ? I have an unpleasant feeling that Contra Tory may be closer to the real position. The government of our country is a shambles - but no floating voters seem to care. I hope I'm being too pessimistic - if that's possible.


Trevor Kavanagh talks about a new law of political gravity in his blog. He's got a point, but perhaps it should be more closely associated with the dotCom new economy - where profits didn't matter. At some point the failure to deliver ( analogous with profits ) should over whelm the bland answers on TV about investment, agenda's and supposed reform given by New Labour zombies. The amount of pain we all have to suffer in the mean time is dependent on how long it takes the English floating voters to wake up ! ( This is where things are different from waiting for the dot Com bubble to burst - the pain grows as we fail to lance the bubble of New Labour spin ).

Wake up England - and smell the coffee - before you get:
1) Your house rebanded for Council Tax.
2) Your pension completely spent by Gordon Brown is his campaign to be PM.
3) Murdered, raped, robbed or crashed into by foreign criminals released by Charlie Clarke.
4) Killed by MRSA in our hospitals.
5) Your children get qualifications that have no substance and have real skills of no use.
6) We get dragged into a major World War type mess in the middle east.

VOTE CONSERVATIVE - Save our country - stop the rot and the pain

( OK I'm off to sit in a darkened room to calm down a bit ).

A few days latter -

Iain Dale has a more comprehensive list here !

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ContraTory said...

In the "old days", dissatisfied voters would switch support from the Government to the HM Official Opposition. Now, there seems to be a gradual process whereby at first they don't vote, then if sorely provoked they lodge a "protest vote" with the Lib Dems, UKIP, Greens, Respect or BNP and only when things are really desperate do they vote for the government-in-waiting. There are a number of reasons for this, not least the pro Labour media keeping the electorate sedated with New Labour "Good News" stories and good-old-fashioned suppressing of "unhelpful news" (unhelpful for New Labour, that is.)