Monday, April 10, 2006

The French Govt surrenders ( as usual )

Its a bit of a habit. Of course this means the whole thing will have to be gone through again in a few years, but next time their economic position will be worse and the expectation of blocking any reform ( just like last time ) will be stronger. Hence the pain will be worse.

They need a visit from TINA.

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Michaelcd said...

As an Austrian newspaper said yesterday: "The Future Elite" of France - who will more than likely have a nice cushy state job in the future- have sentenced the youths of the surburbs to continued desperation.

The unholy alliance of Marxists, and their useful idiots - students and immigrants, who protested, will drive France to the edge. This is of course consistent with Marxist idealogy, once they realised that Capitalism doesn't self-destruct as Marx thought. The end result will be polarisation and more than likely a presedential election between a hard-left socialist and Jean Marie Le-Pen.

France is in big trouble.