Monday, April 24, 2006

Canvassing done - idle thoughts

On Saturday I finished the last of the canvassing I'd volunteered for. All in all things are going OK - though I don't detect any great movements in opinion. A few Lib Dem waivers were interested in David Cameron, but I suspect they'll want to give him more time to see how he beds in.

In general the great British public were polite and friendly, with only one or two exceptions. Even those still in their dressing gowns at 11am on a Saturday morning.

What was strange was how different types of voters were 'clustered'. Young families ( and people who seemed essentially happy to me ) supporting the Tory's. Most of the miserable people 'North facing houses especially' voting Lib Dem and a few die hards going to vote Labour ( if they have a candidate here ).

Can't help thinking some modern profiling tools would work wonders .... Time to find David Cameron's Lexus man perhaps ...

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