Monday, March 27, 2006

Patricia says Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust overfunded ( = don't vote Labour enough IMHO )

The task of telling non-Labour voters who pay the majority of the taxes that support the mis-spent NHS fiasco that they shouldn't have a good NHS service has been taken up by Patricia Hewitt ( if this was the BBC and the Govt Tory, then I would have added the prefix Australian here :-) as they did with a Tory dual national supporter. )

She said - see BBC prog transcript from Panorama here -

"There's a small number of organisations and a relatively small number of areas where the financial problems are concentrated. These are where you've got the big deficits, they're areas like Surrey and Sussex for instance which has been over funded compared with the rest of the country for quite some years, and have been overspending. "

If the NHS isn't kept free of this nasty political bigotry then it will loss the support of the English middle classes and fail. It also shows New Labour in its true colours. Its worth reading the biography of Ms Hewitt to understand where she has come from - and I don't just mean Australia.

PS I shoudl add the the Panorama program went on to point out the the Sussex ands Surrey overspend was as a direct result of ministerial orders not to close a Hospital in a marginal consituency just before a general election. And don't even get me started on Doctors pay ..... which the govt has massively increased, to little benefit of anyone except BMW car sales men.


Serf said...

No mention of the fact that Scotland is very overfunded compared to England.

Man in a shed said...

Good point --

Which means, excluding the extra cost of sending Dr Fergus round the Highlands in his 4x4, that there probably isn't equality at point of use between England and Scotland. ( OK I'm guessing the Scottish NHS is a lot less efficient than the English - so the good people of Glasgow probably don't pick up as much benefit as they might like. )

The view I'm heading towards is that there may be a further redistribution of resources going on here. However the NHS is supposed to serve all of us with equal compassion. If it doesn't then those who pay most of the bills through tax will in the long term withdraw their support.

revinkevin said...

Scotland gets �213 more per head than England, so if England had the same amount per head as Scotland would these trust be in financail trouble?