Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More lanes for New Labour Ministers

Good news ! Extra lanes are being added to our motorways to allow HOV cars (high occupancy = two people ) to speed past the rest of the peasantry.

Now two people = John Prescott and his government chauffeur.

So if you do see our masters speed past you in your traffic jam ( already possible on the M4 approach to London ), don't forget to toot your loyal appreciation.

Ministers travel first class and will soon use different motorway lanes to rest of us, and whatever they say about education Harriet Harman and Tony Blair seem to get their kids to selective schools - before they abolish them. Do you think they will care about the rest of us in over crowded southern England? Home of the much hated 'pushy' English middle class ( aka mostly Tory voters and the tax payers who pay for the rest of the country).

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