Monday, March 20, 2006

Ming the hypocrite

So Sir Ming has gone straight to the Ashdown level of sanctrmoniuos holier than thou claptrap on Radio 4 Today programme this morning. I nearly chocked on my crunchy nut cornflakes. Has he somehow forgotten the odd funding of the Lib Dems during the last election. Maybe his memory isn't what it used to be - if so check this out Ming -

Lib Dems facing donation inquiry
The Liberal Democrats are to be investigated over a £2.4m donation received before May's general election, the Electoral Commission has confirmed.

The Lib Dems were let of the hook by the Electrol Commission as they had acted in good faith with all donations - ie been too naive. An excuse that doesn't seem to wash with Tessa Jowel or Tony Blair. Is it just at the time no one thought they could do anything that nasty? Well we know better now.

In the mean time Labour continue with the obvious policy of smearing all parties by changing the law - apparently they now need the courts to uphold their own morality in their party - as they can't trust themselves.

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