Thursday, April 14, 2005

Election politics (UK)

So its UK election time again. But things are odd – the gov. t (Labour) only talks about its record briefly, preferring to rubbish specifics of the opposing Conservatives ( who will be getting my vote ). What's really damaging is that certainly Labour will not engage in specifics – Blair just tries to massage people subconscious mind by repeating mantra's. Its time to talk specifics Tony – after 8 years in power. Yes you will loose some votes by doing so, but for the long term health of the countries democracy its your duty ( quick reminder – your sacred duty to our country comes higher than to party or ego ).

Democracy only works if people are directly, honestly and bravely engaged in the ideas and philosophy of the prospectus each party presents.

What of the Liberal Democrats – we'll they're still growing up and are not serious this time. Their little orange book suggests adolescence may break out soon, but they may just discover during that period that the other two parties had a point after all.

Predictions .... Labour majority of 20-30 MPs, but with less English votes than the Conservatives – then the sparks are really going to fly ....

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