Thursday, February 10, 2005

PDF insult

So in my previous career I've used Adobe's Acrobat software to do OCR on paper docs and manage them, and it was great ! So why not use it for my own business ? The answer is price - not just the GBP 270 being asked for ( thats USD 456), but the fact the same product is being sold at USD 299 in the US. ( near GBP 150). I might have paid USD299, but not USD 456 for a product that can be down loaded over the internet - and thats without sales tax !

The answer appears to be Fine Reader and maybe ActivePDF ( combined price USD 104.13 + 35 ie USD 139 ). Have to see how well Fine Reader works.

I might have paid USD 456 - as I loved the Acrobat product - but can't stomach the pricing between US and UK.

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