Tuesday, September 26, 2006

See the reporter tell what she heard Cherie say !

Bloomberg Carolin Lotter reporting her story here - hat tip to wythenshawe-bloke for the link !

I particularly like the part about the reporter having to move out of the way or get run over by Cherie - sounds about right doesn't it ?

And respect to Bloomberg, and especially Carolin, for sticking to their/her story - despite the strong arm tactics of the NuLabour machine.

(Now I really have to get some work done today - so unless Blair goes for the Hungarian Gambit then I'm going to try and keep quiet, till the evening. )

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Simon Raybould said...

I'm not sure I'm with you on this one! I'm a voice & presentation skills trainer and I don't believe a word of what Carolin was saying.

She shows all the signs of someone under extreme stress: it's hard to tell from this recording but the version I saw on the BBC was even clearer - her breathing moved up into her chest, her throat went tight and she couldn't look at the camera for several seconds at a time, particularly when allegedly quoting Cherie Blair.

If anyone did that in one of my training sessions we'd rais issues of their sincerity.

Interesting to note, too, that according to the FT, for example Bloomberg didn't exactly cover themselves in glory and shifted ground several times.

Can't prove anything, of course.... but it's an interesting thought!

Man in a Shed said...

Hi Simon,

It certainly clear she is under stress - since its a make or break career situation that can perhaps be understood. She also seemed to be very young for the role she was undertaking ( or it it just me getting old ?)

I've been in similar situations where the precise accuracy of what you are saying is going to lead to a lot of trouble and you stop to think - check and verify before you speak. Especially when you know the consequences of being proven to have mislead people latter.

I think Blair more or less admitted Carolin was telling the truth in his leaders speech with that excellent joke he told ( he knew what it implied - a man who was outraged at his wife being misrepresented would never have done that - at least no decent man would). I also find the types of denials to be tactical and varied.

Maybe one day either Cherie or Carolin will tell us who has telling the truth.

I always think that part of the problem with modern politics is that our elected representatives have become actors. It used to be you could tell they were lying by looking at them ( Harold Wilson and his pound in the pocket ministerial broadcast springs to mind. )

Now we have Bill Clinton type denials - which are plausible and untrue.

( Did you ever see the old TV comedy Whoops Apocalypse were they have a online lie detector for the US president - now that would be good for politics ! )