Saturday, September 16, 2006

'English ignorance' of Scots damages union - nope its the other way round IMHO

No Dave I think you'll find its Scots ignorance of England and the United Kingdom that does that.

See the quote (below - credit to the Scotsman - that by the way is an excellent paper) from Mr Grumpy himself ( which is typical of the large body of Scots peers, MPs and other who line up to suggest the English should be unrepresented - get less money and just take it - Falconer , Blair, Rifkind, Various Cyldeside MPs, Fox, Ming Campbell all spring to mind here).

Speaking in Edinburgh, the Chancellor urged Labour activists to take on the SNP, and called the Tories anti-British for demanding "English votes for English laws".
(You keep repeating this Gordon - I'll help you. You're Celtic Labour party's parasitic attitude to England will hopefully be punished at the next general election.)

I have lived in Scotland - married a Scottish woman - and have good Scottish friends. So I can tell you that very little understanding of the English and England really exists North of the Boarder. They don't head south to University ( indeed schools I've known have refused to even show their pupils prospectuses to English Univerisities ). English people have be hounded out of their jobs. In the past English teachers didn't even have their qualifications recognised. I know of long standing teacher who had to go on probation to work in Scotland and another New Zealand teacher who was asking if she needed to do the same - but being told the regulations were just to 'keep the English out' and she'd be fine.

If you still don't believe me try reading the Glasgow Herald for a week - especially the TV guide and letters page for the full Anglophobic view from North of the Boarder. I am continually shocked by what I read there on my trips to Scotland.

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Deep Stoat said...

I am English living in Scotland and everything you say is true.

The racism is shocking and we English are actively and openly discriminated against.